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Need to know what the best paint sprayer could do for you and why you should have one? Nothing to worry about we have got your covered with our full-fledged guide and details you need to know about best paint sprayers that are available today.

Whether you are wanting to paint your home walls and doors, or you are wanting to take care of the siding of your house and deck, there is the perfect paint sprayer for your situation. The most affordable option for most people is to do it yourself. It will end up being cheaper in the long run since you can reuse your buy over and over again without having to pay someone to come out to do work for you every time you need something done. The money you spend here is well worth the time you save in the future. We all know how long it takes to paint a room with a roller, and we don’t want that.

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What To Know About Paint Sprayers?

A paint sprayer is a tool that helps in painting objects using the spraying function that throws out an even amount of paint through the spray nozzle. The paint comes out in the form of a spray stream consisting of tiny paint particles that are pushed towards outside with speed and pressure. Such a mechanism helps in applying paint with a consistent texture throughout the object. Pain sprayers come in different types, forms, and size and offer a range of applications for your DIY projects and professional painting tasks.

We have gone through the trouble to make your life easier and put together a comprehensive overview of the best paint sprayers on the market. So you don’t to tab back and forth between different product pages, check out our comparison chart below for a quick overview of what we think are the best options, and the features that make them stand out. Of course, you can keep on reading if you want a more detailed look.

We have gone through the trouble to make your life easier and put together a comprehensive overview of the best paint sprayers on the market. So you don’t to tab back and forth between different product pages, check out our comparison chart below for a quick overview of what we think are the best options, and the features that make them stand out. Of course, you can keep on reading if you want a more detailed look.

The Types of Paint Sprayers

Knowing what the best paint sprayer options are is one thing, but knowing which one you need is another. There are several different types of products, so we will go through each one to help you determine which one will by right for you. The differences aren’t too drastic, so it shouldn’t complicate your purchasing decision at all. It should help speed it up.

HVLP Paint Sprayer: HVLP stands for high volume, low pressure. With this type of sprayer, you will be sending paint out at a higher volume, but using a lower pressure. Typically when you use higher pressures you end up with a large amount of spray, which results in a lot of wasted material. Using this type will allow more paint to actually make it’s way to the target. They are one of the more versatile types so it makes the HVLP paint sprayer fairly popular, and also work well on various types of small objects.

Airless Paint Sprayer: These devices use a high pressure pump to spray a fine mist. The airless paint sprayer is widely used in commercial and residential areas, normally on larger surfaces. Because of the mist, it is harder to prevent spray so if you are looking to paint a smaller object you may want to avoid this one. If you are trying to paint something that is difficult to paint.

We think these two types of sprayers are the ones you are most likely to buy so this is what we will focus on for our reviews. 

What We Think of the Top 10 Best Paint Sprayers Review

  • Best Choice
Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayers Under 300

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

The Magnum 262800 X5 is our favorite of all the products we reviewed. We think it gives the best bang for the buck performance out of all of the competitors. You pay a little more up front, but you save in the time it takes to complete the job. Here are a few of the features.

Power flush cleaning. You much much less to worry about when you are trying to clean up

Pump directly from a container to avoid switching paint in and out

25 foot hose to help you reach far away spaces, preventing you from having to move the sprayer around a lot

Auto Prime to help prevent priming problems

Durable and light way, so easy to maneuver

If you are going to be painting interior walls, exterior walls, siding, porches or fencing then this is the ideal choice. If you are going to do a big project, no need to get any brushes and rollers. This Graco has you covered.

2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayers

Another great choice is the HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro. Like the Graco, this is another product that will give you a great value throughout it’s life. Here are some of the things that it includes:

2800 PSI and 1/2 HP motor

515 spray tip that is reversible

Water resistant inlet valve

Light weight for easy transport

Easy to clean up

Easy to handle the host when painting

Being an airless sprayer, the Power-Flo Pro 2800 works great for larger surfaces, so if you are doing exteriors, interior walls or porches, you will find a great purchase here. The fast spray will allow you to complete even a large project in little time that leaves an easier clean-up than other products. The fast clean-up, long hose, and ease of use make this an excellent purchase.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun, Power Painting for Home Exterior, Fence, Shed, and Garage 2800 psi, 0.24 gpm

Best Paint Sprayers Under 200

3. Wagner (0523013) 9155 3000 PSI Airless Twin Stroke Piston Pump Paint Sprayer

The Wagner 9155 is one of the other top of the line products, along side the Graco X5. This one does provide more power, so it is going to cost a bit more than it’s competitors. If you are looking for something on the higher end for not much more money, here is what this sprayer offers you.

Commercial grade, so great for big projects

Long host at 25 feet, so you need to move the machine around less

Reversible tip to help clear clogs

Good for both narrow and wide surfaces

The Wagner is our favorite commercial grade cleaner. It gets that description for a reasons, as this one be good for any project you put it through. If you are willing to pay a little more for more power, we find this is a great choice for anyone.

4. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner 0518080 is one of the HVLP sprayers, so if you are wanting to do a small product like door or window frames, this is your pick. We think it is one of the best ones on the market, and better yet, it doesn’t cost much. Here are a few of the features you will be getting.

Variable air pressure for less overspray

20 foot hose for easy reaching

3 spray patterns that work for different jobs

Variable flow control which helps for larger projects

Provides a smooth finish

Lower volume allows for more fine detail

The Control Spray Max is a great budget HVLP sprayer for someone wanting to do smaller projects (although it can handle large ones, we recommend a sprayer more suitable). This unit is light, so moving it around to get all the edges shouldn’t be a problem and will allow you to easily handle your work. We give this one high marks.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer, 1.5 Quart Capacity, 20' Hose

Best Paint Sprayers Under 100

Best Paint Sprayers Under 400

5. Graco Magnum Cart 262805 X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco takes is seriously when it comes to providing the solid airless paint sprayers because they have no compromise on the quality of the products in any way. This is an airless paint sprayer that helps to make the paint job easier and provide fine finishing at the end.
The sprayer offers easy to adjust pressure for the best and hi-tech controlled paint spray no matter where and how much you need to apply the paint through the sprayer. The sprayer not only offers pressure control but it also allows you to spray non-thinned paints at a pressure you need without any obstruction.
The main thing that hinders most of the painter using the sprayers is the suction tube access. This sprayer comes with a flexible, adjustable suction tube that offer accessibility to the paint right from the paint bucket whether it’s a one or 5-gallon bucket. So that you can easily keep spraying the paint until you have finished the area.
The PowerFlush allows it to be connected to any of the garden hosen to make sure you can clean it quickly and easily without much effort.

The main reason behind the sprayer use is that when professional painters have to complete huge tasks, it is impossible to do it with the brush rather a sprayer helps to complete painting of 2-3 story houses front area like a breeze. That is why the user may need a long hose to finish the first or second-floor paint job. This sprayer can use with about a 100 feet hose to paint the area no matter how much you use it.
Another problem that is resolved in this sprayer is the clogging of the tip. Due to continuous thick paint spray work, it may get clogged and may hinder your work. But Graco paint sprayer handles this issue with RAC IV tip that is supported by SwitchTip technology to assure you can switch to another tip for consistent and non-stop spraying. It supports the tip size around .017 inch.

The sprayer comes with a filter inside as well to make sure the debris doesn’t block the way. In addition to that, the Push Prime function allows quick and easy start.

The package comes with a metal spray gun, switch tip, paint hose of around 25 feet of Duraflex materials, and a manual to help you get started. It is recommended to use it for about 125 gallons a year.


• Easy to use and durable
• Comes with pump armor
• Flexible hose and metal spray gun
• SwitchTip technology
• Can support up to 100 feet hose


• May show issues if paint quality is not good

6. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco ultra offers something extra rather than just simple spraying job. It offers TIAX Piston Pump that triples the action with durable SS + carbide made components and which are put together to create a superb bond using the polymer that never lets them get apart.

The main issues with sprayers are the fluctuating spray speed and pressure. But this one comes with perfect pressure control that keeps the pressure and the paint flow consistent so that you get a consistent professional finish from start to the end.

The pressure ranges from 500 to 2000PSI and supports .008 to .016 tips for easier functioning in a wide range of paint jobs.

There is no thinning required as you can apply the paint that is non-thinned, easily and provide one coat finish easily. Being a handheld paint sprayer it is easy to use and will be a breeze to paint without any interruptions. It comes with RAC switch tip that makes it easier to unclog the tips easily.

For the cleaning purpose, you only need the flex liner bags and you can make it ready for the next use and clean the container by shaking with non-flammable spirit. No extra efforts needed to get it cleaned up. The corded sprayer offers easy handling and consistent performance even if you have to work on bigger projects.


• Very easy to setup and change when needed
• Easy cleaning using flexliner
• Pressure and speed control
• No fluctuations in the pressure
• Can spray non-thinned paint


• Not good enough for huge projects or painting a lot

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayers Under 200

7. Graco Magnum Project Painter 257025 Plus Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 257025 is another fabulous variation of the Graco Project paint sprayers. It is for DIY projects and works great to perform consistently with pressure control and consistent performance.

Using this paint sprayer is easy because you can directly spray by using the 0ne or 5-gallon paint container no need to put the paint into another container. The sprayer includes a sturdy steel spray gun with RAC tip that creates a smooth an continuous flow so that the tip does not get clogged easily.

The 25feet hose makes sure you complete your whole DIY project easily no matter what is the height or length is, you can complete in one go. Another plus point is that the pail hook keeps the container along so that you can move while the container is dragged smoothly along the hose.


• DuraFlex made Flexible Hose
• Direct paint suction from the container
• Offers pump armor
• RAC spraying tip
• Power flushing by attaching to garden hose


• Perfect for DIY projects not for huge projects
• Make sure your paint is smooth enough otherwise it shows issues

8. Fuji Semi-PRO 22202 HVLP Spray System

Fuji Semi-Pro HVLP spray system one complete system that assures professional finish and continuous long-lasting performance. For the sake of professional use, the fan pattern control is also provided that is handled with the help of no-bleed spray gun having no mess around and keeps the pressure consistent.

The fan pattern can be adjusted from 1-12 inches and with a shape having round, oval, vertical and horizontal forms.

The sprayer comes with a flexible long hose that also has air pressure control valve to keep the pressure constant and avoid fluctuations.

The sprayer also offers a range of cap sizes to make sure you can spray different materials having a variety of thickness and viscosity levels. You may spray stains, paint or latex easily. Though you may have to dilute them a bit.

The stainless steel components keep the fluid flow easily and are also suitable for the water-based coats as it would not be subjected to wear and tear issues.

The cleaning of the sprayer is easy as it can be disassembled without a mess.


• SS materials used in the nozzle
• No-bleed gun system
• Fan pattern control for professional use
• Strong 2 stage motor for powerful functions
• Gun holder for easy use
• Easy to change filters
• Suitable for furniture, walls, fences and many more different tasks


• Complicated to learn for beginners

9. TCP Global Brand Spray HVLP Gun Set

It is not a single, simple little sprayer, rather it’s a complete set of HVLP sprayer that offers to spray with the help of 3 guns that offer higher performance HVLP system. These guns are designed to provide premium end result with smooth and consistent paint spray in an easy way.

It comes with 1.4mm tip gun which works perfectly for creating smooth and stroke-less based on the staining and clear coating. The gun is capable of giving a consistent spray no matter if the liquid is viscous material or a lighter coat.

In addition to the 1.4mm tip, the 1.8mm tip makes sure you get perfect priming experience, works well with oil-based liquids, latex and medium as well as heavily viscous coats.

This HVLP sprayer makes sure you get high volume low pressure so that you complete your paint job with a professional finish.


• Smoother consistent finish
• Comes with 1-year warranty
• Offers three spray guns to match varying paint job needs
• 1.4mm, 1.8mm and 1.mm tips
• Include 1-liter aluminum cups
• SS needle and nozzles for long lasting and smooth performance
• 3.5-7.1 CFM pressure rating


• Touch up Gun may leak

10. FLEXiO Sprayer 590

Flexio sprayer 590 works fine for the exteriors, interior walls and make sure you finish and give a fine touch. There is no doubt it can spray the non-thinned paint and latex, oil paints and stains in a very easy and smooth way.

The horizontal and vertical spray patterns, as well as wide and narrow settings, are done by the iSpray nozzle. This also comes with an accessory to offer fine finishing with a detail nozzle. The nozzles are easier to connect and change so you can work with the sprayer more easily. You will get two nozzles and cups to make sure you handle a variety of tasks conveniently.

The sprayer is lightweight, well designed and offers easy to functions and features so that you are never in trouble while completing your paint job.

The prayer saves a lot of time as it is easier to set up and helps complete the job quickly and gives a perfect finish. The air pressure is managed with the help of X boost turbine giving it more power and more controlled air pressure. You can work with transparent stains and semi-transparent stains as well as solid stains or latex paint.


• Split gun design for quick changing nozzles
• Quick and easy to set up
• Easy cleaning
• Pattern adjustment for the spray
• Pressure adjustment
• Perfect for a wide range of paint jobs


• May leak and bleed

What Are the Best Paint Sprayers You Can Find On The Market?

Paint sprayers are most popular these days and you can easily find some of the best options available for you to buy. Due to the variation of the mechanism that is used to spray the paint and the amount of paint discharged given the pressure that is provided, you may compare the following three major types of paint sprayers to select the one you need.

Types of Paint Sprayers Available On The Market:

You can easily find the following three type of paint sprayers that perform various paint jobs and help professional and DIY enthusiasts to get the job done in their unique way:

Airless Sprayer

Airless sprayers make use of the paint under a high level of pressure that pushes out the paint in the form of the small mist like drops and cover the target area quite smoothly.

Compressed Air Sprayers

The compressed air sprayer makes use of the compressed air in the sprayer that forces and pushes the paint out in a consistent manner and help the sprayer spread the paint evenly.

HVLP Sprayers

HVLP sprayers are high volume low-pressure sprayers. There are perfect for getting the steady and perfect volume of paint coming out. This helps in getting more controlled and a better quality finishes either for the primer, for a thick coat, non-thinned paints and latex as well.

Guide for Painting Faster Using a Paint Sprayer

Painting faster does not mean that you will be doing a 3 hours’ work in an hour but it surely means that you can save a lot of time by following some of the professional tips and tricks that may help you paint more easily and more quickly so that you don’t waste your time and get the perfect results.

Here is a Few Consideration for Everyone To Follow:

  • You must wait For the Right Day

Doing a paint job or when you are working on a painting task you need to make sure the day when you start painting should have plenty of hours with sunshine and rainy days are not good to keep the paint in its best texture. So make sure to select the day when you are not in trouble with the weather conditions.

  • Read the Guidelines Carefully

To prepare yourself for using the paint sprayer make sure you read all the guidelines and precautions very carefully before starting to use it.

  • Organize Tools and Supplies

Then you must first collect all supplies and needed things along with paint sprayer that you are going to use. This helps in saving a lot of time.

  • Clean the Nozzle

The nozzle should be checked and cleaned so that the paint job is done without any strokes or spills.

  • Prepare the Workspace

You need to prepare the work area so that you have space and the tools to make sure you will be completing the job quickly without wasting time here are there. Clean the space so that you don’t have any obstructions or problems while working with the object and the sprayer.

  • Testing the sprayer

Test the sprayer before applying the paint to the object anywhere where you can test the paint spraying correctly and without damaging anything.

  • Start painting and apply Layers in Several Directions

You may apply layers in several directions to get an even outlook.

1. How To and Tips for Using Paint Sprayers at Home

Painting with a paint sprayer is quite different from using the traditional paint on your wall or furniture. It requires some practice before you become perfect. The following are steps and some simple tips to do a great job.

Prep Before You Begin

Make sure the work area is free of debris and any particle that may cause a dent in your work.

Remember not to spray until the temperature is above 75 degrees or below 45 degrees. That’s an obvious rule for a professional.

Cover the edges of the wall with a cardboard paper to prevent splashing the paint on the wrong areas.

Stir the paint properly before use. The will help you avoid clogging the internal arrears and tips of the sprayer.

Move the spray in a straight and singular pattern, taking one segment at a time. Stay few meters away from the wall to prevent the spray from flashing on your cloth.
After completing a segment, move on to the next segment of the wall and continue in the same pattern.

When you are through with the entire wall, start applying the paint again from the segment you began initially. The second application will give the wall a thicker and stronger outlook. Then remove the cardboard and use a small soft brush to paint the edges where your spray could not reach.

Once you are through painting the entire wall in segments, finish by back-rolling or back brushing the entire wall. This will create an even through throughout all areas of the wall.

The above is a simple step to use a sprayer when painting your wall. It may be a bit stressful on your first attempt. But as you paint more often, your skills and techniques will improve.

2. How To and Tips for Using Paint Sprayers for Painting Furniture

DIY projects are not just beneficial for the low cost, but also great for people who want to give their homes their own personal touch. The good this is, painting your wall by yourself will give you the free\will to paint your furniture the way you want. If you’ve not done this before, the following steps and tips will help you effectively spray your furniture the right way.

Prep the painting area

There are some areas on your furniture you wouldn’t want your paint to touch. You need to cover the cushion area with a cloth or a tap to prevent accidental spraying on them. Some wood sprays can be hard to clean, so it’s important to avoid spraying on the wrong places than choosing to clean up later.

Sand and smoothen properly

If you want your spraying task to have a professional touch, you need to smooth the spraying surface as much as possible. Sand all spraying areas until you have a very smooth surface. If you have an old paint mark you need to get rid of, and properly until the entire surface is smooth.

Sanding could be a tedious work because it requires you to use your strength. But it could be the most important aspect of your task. Without proper sanding, your spraying task may not look too good, no matter the technique you apply.

After making sure the surface area is smooth enough, stir the paint properly and start spraying. Spay each segment in a vertical movement. Try to achieve an all round even tone on the spraying surface. After covering the entire surface, go again the second time in the same spraying pattern until the entire area is covered.

How To Clean and Maintain Paint Sprayers?

After using your paint sprayer, it’s obvious you need to clean up the sprayer and preserve it for later use. Follow these steps to clean and maintain your paint sprayer the right way.

Get a bucket of water and keep the intake hose in the water after spraying. Place the spray gun into the spray container as you pull the trigger. This will remove any leftover paint and help you to conserve them in the bucket. Once you are certain the paint has been dragged out of the spray gun, remove the gun and place in water.

Soak the gun in the water/thinner for some time to remove any remaining paint from the gun. Spray water or thinner (depending whether you are dealing with water or oil based paint) on the bucket and rinse the paint hose and gun. Continue this process until the water comes out to be clean enough.

It’s important not to leave a high concentration of paint on the spray when you are through. This will prevent the spray hose from clogging and getting dried up with the paint.

After cleaning the hose and gun, disassemble and allow them to dry off before storing in a dry place. 

3. Advantages Paint Sprayers Airless

Paint sprayers are perfect for doing paint job whether you are a professional or a beginner, you only need a perfect sprayer to work out things properly.

Some Prominent Benefits Are:

• Paint sprayers are easier to use as compared to hand painting with a brush
• They make less or no mess
• They provide even and consistent finish

• It is easier to reach places where paint brush cannot reach
• Paint sprayers can be used for multiple tasks like water-based painting, staining, oil painting and latex coats.
• They can be used by professionals and beginners with equal quality of finishing

Tip To Use Airless Paint Sprayers

Using airless paint sprayers is easy if you set them up correctly here is what you can do:

• Make sure you connect the spray gun, hose and the paint container correctly.
• Adjust the desired tip on the spray gun
• After connecting all parts, do not forget about priming the gun and then start painting

• Make use of long spray strokes with 50 percent overlap
• Make sure you keep the sprayer 12 inches from the wall or surface to be painted

Ways To Maintain Your Paint Sprayer

There are many things that affect the performance of the paint sprayer and if these factors are kept in check and maintain the paint sprayers can work for years. Here are a few things to follow for maintaining your paint sprayers:

• Always try to set up the nozzles and hose properly while choosing the right nozzle for the particular paint job. This will help lesser mess and least leakage issues and will improve the performance of the sprayer.

• Correct selection of the paint and matching the nozzle and pressure of the sprayer with the type of paint that is selected ensure better and long lasting performance.

• Always drain and wash out the sprayer before putting it back. This will help in keeping it unclogged and clean and ready to sue next time.

Tips and Tricks When Buying a Paint Sprayer

If you want to make sure that you buy the best paint sprayer you need to make sure you check upon the following things:

• Try to choose the paint sprayer depending on the nature of your task. Professional painters need heavy duty sprayers whereas you can choose a smaller and more compact paint sprayer. Make sure the sprayer comes with the needed capacity and pressure.
• Check if it's equipped with a long hose to cope with the vast area that requires to be covered.
• Decide on the kind of sprayer you need from airless paint sprayer, HVLP paint sprayer or compressed air paint sprayers.
• Check if the pressure can be adjusted aand controlled.
• Make sure you sprayer offers consistent finish without creating any strokes.

• Check the container, the pump armor, and the connecting hoses if they support smoother and better sprayer function or may leak at some time.
• Compare the features like easy handling, easy maintenance and cleaning to make sure you get the perfect instrument for your professional and DIY tasks.
• Check if the sprayer comes with the desired nozzles for perfect paint finish
• Always make sure the sprayer can handle and spray a range of liquids from latex to water-based stains.
• Don’t forget to compare prices and reviews as they indicate how the toll will work for you.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

What to do if my paint sprayer starts making strokes on the wall?

Check if the paint in the container is smooth and has no clots. Mix it well after that check the nozzle if there are no clogs or clotting. Remove the clots and the spray would be fine.

Can we spray paint latex based paints without thinning?

Some of the high-quality professional paint sprayers come up with an ability to spray latex coats or thick paint without thinning. But most of them may need slight thinning of the material..

Can we spray paint directly from the paint bucket using the spray gun?

Yes, many of the paint sprayers offer direct flexible hose to suck the paint right from the paint container bucket.

Can we adjust the pressure in the paint sprayer or it comes preset?

Yes, you can adjust the pressure of the paint sprayer depending on your needs.

Do we need multiple nozzles for different kinds of paints and paint job?

Of course, when you are working on the large projects where you need bigger areas to cover you may need broader nozzles like 1.8mm or 1.4 mm but for fine tuning the finishing process, you may need 1 mm nozzles for better refinement of the finishing.

Can We Adjust The Spray Pattern?

Definitely, some of the paint sprayers come up with spray pattern options so that you may select oval, circle, horizontal, vertical and oval spray pattern to cover the wall easily

So, we can say that it is a great deal if you could find one of the best paint sprayers for your next paint job. Because of the fact, these paint sprayers are best for the professionals and the beginners and make painting work a lot easier than doing it with a brush. Among all, HVLP and airless paint sprayers are the best ones to use because these offer better consistency and can perform on various surfaces with a range of paint viscosities. If you are looking to get a professional finish in a quick time you can rely on one of the above listed for sure!

A Final Word
There is certainly no lack of choice for paint sprayers out there, but the products we have gone over here we believe are the top contenders for you. Keep in mind the project you are wanting to do. For a large project that doesn’t require fine detail, make sure to go airless. If you are doing smaller surfaces and need more control, go for HVLP. With that criteria in mind, you won’t go wrong with any of the products listed here.